Center for Culture and Customs of Jerez

Centro de Tradición y Cultura Jerezana

Historias de jerezanos ilustres, mapas antiguos, y el mundo de la charrería y tauromaquia está aquí.

Jerez’s Center for Culture and Customs holds the town’s treasured heritage: history, old maps, engravings of its most important buildings, and biographies of notable people from Jerez.

The rooms also share the town’s passion with visitors—that world of horses and charro outfits. The origins and evolution of the sport of charrería, similar to rodeo, is explained and illustrated with sabers, lassos, saddles, numerous hats, and exquisite spurs. You haven’t seen it all until you check out the bullfighting room with its lively Paso Doble music and a model bullring.





Jerez de García Salinas, Zac., México

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