Fincas cafetaleras

Coffee Farms

Fincas cafetaleras

Huatulco’s rainforest shelters one of the best coffee producing areas in Mexico. Near the tourist area, there are several farms such as La Gloria and El Pacífico producing high-quality organic coffee.

La Gloria is located in the town of San Miguel del Puerto. If you would like to visit, be sure to book a spot in advance. Here, you can learn about the coffee production process, admire nearby waterfalls, and visit a butterfly park. Finca El Pacífico was founded in 1887, and more than three generations have spent their lives growing and selling pluma gourmet coffee. To visit this coffee farm, head to the town of Pluma Hidalgo.

You can tour coffee plantations on both farms, as well as find accommodations and dining options.





Parroquia de Santa María Huatulco, Breña Torres, Centro de la Población, Santa María Huatulco, Oax., México

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