Art Galleries

Those who come to stroll the streets of Rosarito will find galleries well worth a closer look. One of these is Fausto Polanco Furniture, a fascinating gallery of artisanal furniture inspired by traditional Mexican Haciendas and estates. Everyone will be captivated here, but especially the lovers of interior design. Here there is furniture crafted from many different woods, perfect for terraces, gardens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices, or simply any area of the home asking for a feature piece. Restauration and commissions are also available from the skilled artisans who deftly employ leatherwork, blown glass, metals and handcrafted textiles to give life to these pieces of furniture.

The Galería de Jorge Luna showcases his glass art—some sandblasted—also perfect for interiors: sculpture, lamps, decorative pieces and furnishings.

Amaya Art Studio is a space where Baja Californian sculptor and painter Víctor Amaya Araujo demonstrates his work crafted with clay and coffee. He is one of just 14 artists who use coffee to paint his canvases, and perhaps the only one who also uses clay!

Puerto Nuevo Gallery exhibits paintings created with small pieces of painted straw: with portraits, landscapes and Mexican motifs all reflected in the works on show here.

Rosarito offers other studios with works by local artists on display, such as Galería Roho, owned by artist Rocío Hoffman, where as well as admiring and purchasing her work, you can enjoy pieces created by other artists and designers. Here you will see watercolors, ceramic pieces, hand-painted T-shirts, jewelry and other diverse creations.

The Gallery of Wearable Art boasts a huge collection of design in fashion, textiles and jewelry.  





Ayuntamiento playas de rosarito, Calle José Haros Aguilar, Fracc. Villa Turistica, Rosarito, B.C., México

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