Atotonilquillo and Cañada de Negros Haciendas

Interesting stories reveal themselves when you come and visit. The Hacienda Atotonilquillo dates back to 1613 and still possesses remnants of its ranching past. Thanks to its interesting spaces it has been used as the location for films such as Lágrimas de cristal (Crystal Tears), Emboscada del Comandante Cadena (Commander Cadena’s Ambush) and El Diablo de la Frontera (The Border Devil). 

Around 7 miles away from Jalpa de Cánovas is the Ex Hacienda Cañada de Negros, which is today a hotel with the same name. It was built in the 17th century, and its name originates from the African slaves that worked the land in those days. 





Hacienda Cañada de Negros, Purísima, Gto., México

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