Playas-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-Playa

The Coast and its Beaches

Playas-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-Playa
Playas-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-Playa-desde zona hotelera
Playas-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-Playa-franja

Boca del Río’s coastline offers its visitors many different options of beaches such as Penacho del Indio, Playa Gaviota, Playa Mocambo y Tumbao; and of course, Playa de Boca del Río.

Take a trip on a barge or take a refreshing dip in the waves. Feel the soft sand under your feet, accompanied by the warm sun, while you enjoy a delicious drink, and relax looking at beautiful horizons and spectacular sunsets.

We invite you to discover the unique surroundings of this extraordinary destination, filled with sun, sea, and sand, and to fall in love with every last corner.

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Playa Boca Del Rio, Camino Real, Boca del Río, Ver., México

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