Mercado de Artesanías Matachiuj

Matachiuj Handicraft Market

Mercado de Artesanías Matachiuj

This handicrafts market is located almost directly across from the Cultural Center (Casa de Cultura). It is where visitors can come check out the jonote fiber basketry, fruit wines, coffee liqueur, and yolixpa—the herbal beverage venerated by the people of the highlands. But perhaps most of all, it’s where you can see the textiles woven on backstrap looms and the embroidery style known as pepenado hilván. At local number 26, among the shawls and huipils, you can witness María Concepción López’s prodigious hands working tirelessly at stitching threads.


Centro de desarrollo Artesanal "Matachiuj", Miguel Alvarado, Centro, Ciudad de Cuetzalan, Pue., México

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