Municipal Market and Steaming Hot Chocolate

Life in Palizada starts at the town market, early. The fishermen set themselves up outside, offering tilapia, mojarra, and gars. The women sell tamales colados (tamales made with a very fine dough) and atole de maíz nuevo (a sweet drink made from fresh corn). Inside is an organized world of fruit and food stands, where cochinita pibil (slow cooked pork stew), empanadas, and panuchos (stuffed tortillas) take center stage. We recommend you drink a cup of hot chocolate, topped with cocoa foam; the most famous is the one prepared in Don Alí’s stallalong the market’s exterior wall. His granddaughter pours the drink and it comes with a slice of panatela, a sweet, home-made sponge cake.





Mercado Eduardo Lavalle Urbina, Calle Ignacio Zaragoza, Centro, Palizada, Campeche, México

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