El Rosario Community Museum

Museo Comunitario de El Rosario

This unique community museum feels a little like a grandparent’s attic, such is the quantity of antiques contained within. These pieces of the past give a clear view of life in this part of Mexico during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Since 1995, this museum has been housed in the wooden building that was formerly a primary school. Here there are fossils, photos, huge bones, furniture, civil and clerical dresses. Among the most eye-catching artefacts are a traditional fisherman’s boat and a leather coat, crafted eons ago in the North of Mexico.

There are also the ashes of Emilio Espinoza Loya. As he died without leaving descendants, he asked that his remains be on show in the museum, so that people could visit him after his death.





Museo Comunitario El Rosario, El Rosario de Abajo, B.C., México

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