IV Centenario Community Museum

Museo Comunitario IV Centenario

The collection includes elements of paleontology, weapons and utensils, mortars, axes, pots, figurines, blades, and awls.

Located in a 19th-century mansion, the museum is a space into which the history of Pinos is concentrated. You can see marine fossils, mammoth bones and pre-Hispanic pieces. Other halls house old maps, coins minted in the town, and weapons dating back to the Revolution. There are hats and cameos beside an old closet. A recreation of a company store takes you back in time. The museum experience ends with a vast collection of tools used by miners. In the patio, a rusty wagon and a windmill millstone bid visitors farewell.





Museo Comunitario IV Centenario, Pinos, Zac., México

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