Clock Museum

Museo de Relojes y Autómatas Alberto Olvera Hernández

Founded in 1918, it was the first monumental clock factory in Latin America.

Clock lovers will be in heaven in Zacatlán. A trip to the Clock Museum is like entering the very heart of time. In 1918, Don Alberto Olvera Hernández began making large-scale clockwork and founded the Centenario Clock Company. Today, his grandchildren run the company and museum, which has been open to the public since 1993.

At this museum, you’ll see antique clocks and calendars of all kinds from all over the world. There are solar clocks, hourglasses, gear clocks, pocket and chain watches, and even clocks that run on water. Check it out and learn for yourself about all the ways mankind has measured time since antiquity. We guarantee you that after you’ve made your way through the museum, your perception of time will have changed completely.




Museo de Relojería Alberto Olvera Hernández, Calle Nigromante, Centro, Colonia Santa Julia, Zacatlán, Puebla, México

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