Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo Museum

This museum is named after the 16th century explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo who arrived at San Quintín, then known as Puerto de la Posesión. A walk through the museum will allow you to travel in time from the ancient world in which the bay was geologically born, as well as the recent history of this community. Fossils on display include an enormous ammonite, a mammoth femur and the tooth of a megalodon, a giant shark which was around at the time of the dinosaurs. There is information about the bay’s volcanic cones and the time during which they were active, as well as artefacts such as arrowheads and tools from the extinct Ñakipa civilization.

A map illustrates the points occupied by missionaries in the state, while the time during which San Quintín was an English colony is remembered with small antique curiosities: coins and spoons, opium vials, harmonica pieces and an inkwell. Posters also illustrate the surrounding area’s diversity in flora and fauna.  





San Quintín, B.C., México

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