Muyil archeological site

Muyil Archeological Site

Discover the longest-lasting city in the Mayan world.

Muyil archeological site is one of Quintana Roo’s treasures that remains relatively obscure. Despite not drawing the same crowds as other Mayan ruin complexes, Muyil is impressive and unique. When in the Maya Ka’an region, a visit to the Muyil ruins is a must!

Brief history of Muyil

Due to its geographical location, Muyil remained occupied from the Late Pre-Classic (300-50 BCE) to the Late Post-Classic (1200-1425 CE), making it one of the longest-lasting Mayan cities. Its peak occurred in the Early Classic (250-600 CE) period. It once was a link between the southern Mayan world (Belize and Petén) and the northern Mayan world (the Yucatán Peninsula).During this period, significant structures like the iconic Castillo were constructed. Muyil endured the collapse that wiped many cities off the map during the Classic era around 600 AD. It persisted as a vital trading hub, with numerous buildings erected throughout the Post-Classic period and vibrant connections with contemporaneous cities such as Chichen Itzá and Mayapán.

While the site’s true name is still unknown, it has been called Muyil or Chunyaxché since colonial times after the two nearby lagoons.

What Can You See at the Muyil Archeological Site

When entering the archeological site, you’ll notice the architectural similarity to the cities in the Guatemalan Petén region, indicating a strong influence. The most significant structure, El Castillo, reminiscent of the Templo del Gran Jaguar (Temple of the Great Jaguar) in Tikal, stands 59 feet tall and is considered the tallest pyramid along the Quintana Roo coast. There is a kind of temple in the upper part, so it is believed to have served a ceremonial role. There are not many similar structures in the whole Peninsula.

The Grupo de la Entrada (Entrance Complex) is made up of 10 pyramid-shaped bases, while Estructura 7H3 is an imposing two-part temple. In the Palacio Rosa (Pink Palace) structure, you can see intricately carved stone sculptures, as well as murals and ceramic pieces. 


  • Explore El Castillo and its ceremonial temple
  • Visit the Entrance Group with its 10 pyramid-shaped platforms
  • Admire the imposing two-part Temple 7H3
  • Marvel at intricate stone carvings, mural paintings, and ceramic pieces in the Palacio Rosa

Hours, Prices, and Directions 

Muyil archeological site is open from daily, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

The entrance fee is around $75 pesos for adults. 

You can reach the site via federal road 307 (Reforma Agraria-Puerto Juárez). It is southwest of Tulum and northeast of Felipe Carrillo Puerto

The site entrance is directly off the federal road and is accessible by public transportation. 

Muyil is next to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a top attraction in the Maya Ka’an region.




Archeological Zone of Muyil, Muyil, Q.R., México

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