Palace of the Marquis

Palacio del Marqués del Apartado

This is one of downtown Mexico City’s most exceptional buildings, created by Manuel Tolsá.

At the base of the Templo Mayor pyramid shines the limestone facade of the Palacio del Marqués (Palace of the Marquis). The mansion was built as a home for the King of Spain, Fernando VII, although it was inhabited by Francisco Manuel Cayetano de Fagoaga y Arozqueta, viscount of San José and marquis of Apartado. It was the residence of several wealthy families during the colonial era, Independence, the Liberal Reform period, and the Porfiriato years.

Reconstruction has revealed significant archeological pieces and remains under its foundation. In the main courtyard, don’t miss part of the base of an indigenous shrine. Its stairs are visible in an archeological pit. An ocelot exhibited in the National Museum of Anthropology and an eagle-shaped cuauhxcalli vessel displayed in the Templo Mayor Museum were both found here.


Palacio del Marqués del Apartado, Avenida República de Argentina, Historic center of Mexico City, Centro, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

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