Palacio Municipal de Huamantla

Municipal Palace – Town Hall

Palacio Municipal
Palacio Municipal de Huamantla

The neoclassical style of the city hall is a good example of the old architecture that sets Huamantla apart. It is a two-story building with balconies running along its length, edged by cornices. The simplicity of the main entrance contrasts with the blend of curving and straight lines of the decorative crown on top of the building. It is adorned with the national shield, a clock, and a small bell. Inside, the building holds murals by Tlaxcalan artist Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin, a reproduction of the Códice de Huamantla pictorial manuscript, and a photography collection.



Presidencia Municipio de Huamantla, Palacio Municipal, Centro, Huamantla, Tlax., México

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