Mazatepetl Eco-archeological Park

Parque Ecoarqueológico Cerro Mazatepetl

In this eco-archeological park Cerro Mazatepetl you will find one of the four examples of carved stone architecture that exists in Meso-America.

Three crosses face one another as you approach the top of the Cerro del Judío hill. This is where a group of three pyramids stand, built between 1200 and 1300 A.D, built following the models of the Otomí culture. On the base of the largest pyramid, you can see the carved figure of a tortoise-jaguar. These vestiges of the Tepaneca people share this large area with a Community Museum whose exhibition allows visitors to learn about these first inhabitants of the Valle de México. The park has several nature trails, a couple of viewing points which offer incredible views of Mexico City, a greenhouse, a social and eco-archeological services unit, and a terrace that hosts cultural events.




Pirámide Mazatepetl, Calle Capulines, Cerro del Judío, El Tanque, Ciudad de México, CDMX, México

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