Santa María Magdalena Atlitic Parish Church

This construction from the 18th century is dedicated to Santa María Magdalena; it boasts a facade covered in Mudejar ornamentation.

In the heart of the neighborhood of Santa María Magdalena Atlitic, this religious building built in the 18th century stands out. It has a beautiful paved and tree-lined atrium with a fountain crowned with the image of Saint Michael Archangel. Its facade, which dates back to 1760, is decorated with ajaracas or ties, in the Mudejar style, which looks very similar to a marquetry finish.

The inside is welcoming, and the arches which hold up the roof are bare stone. Make sure to notice the base of the columns which hold up the arch of the main altar, on which you can see reliefs that are clearly of indigenous making, and a kind of stone jar decorated with feathers; this is without doubt a feature that defines this building’s ornamentation.

On July 22nd is the festival of the patron saint and the atrium hosts traditional dances. To one side of the church, there is another mural by Ariosto Otero that will draw your attention: Fuera máscaras. A combination of the faithful and wrestlers wearing masks. The central image depicts a ring where el Santo (The Saint—a famous Mexican wrestler who rose to fame in the 1940s) successfully wrestles Batman, and Blue Demon puts el gringo into a chokehold. Below, a group of the faithful worship Mary Magdalene.




Parroquia Santa Maria Magdalena Atlitic, Emilio Carranza, La Magdalena, Magdalena Atlitic, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

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