Señor de las Misericordias Sanctuary

The view of San Pedro Atocpan from here is gorgeous.

This church is home to the most venerated image of San Pedro Atocpan. To see it, head up Tláloc street from the town square. At the end of the first stretch, follow a long walkway and climb a staircase leading to the massive structure, which was finished in 1977.

The church’s vaulted ceiling is made of stone and brick. A spacious nave boasts colorful stained-glass windows along its sides, and the main altar features the figure of a black Christ made of cornstalk paste in the 16th century. Tradition has it that this is the Señor de las Misericordias (Our Lord of Mercy).

Before leaving the church, take a minute to take in the sweeping view of San Pedro from the terrace. The church was declared a historic monument in 1933.




Santuario Del Señor De Las Misericordias, San Pedro Atocpan, Panchimalco, San Pedro Atocpan, CDMX, Mexico

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