Attractions in the State of Michoacán

Discover some of the attractions Michoacán has to offer.

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A series of fissures in the earth’s crust caused by intense volcanic activity have also created thousands of springs throughout the state. Their sheer number puts the state among the places with the most hot springs in the world. The ancient Purépechans knew about the healing properties of hot springs, and they connected the pursuit of well-being with magical and religious ideas.

Los Azufres Hot Springs

You can reach Los Azufres two different ways: one is by taking the road that runs between Maravatío and Morelia and, before the entrance to Ucareo, turning on to the road that leads to San Pedro Jácuaro. The other route is by taking road number 15, running from Mexico City to Morelia. At kilometer number 189, close to Ciudad Hidalgo, you will find the exit to the road that runs straight to these hot springs. They are inside a national park set in the San Andrés mountain range, where volcano activity has existed for thousands of years. These days, there is much less activity, with it mostly appearing in the form of steam vents and epithermal veins, some of which can reach 201 degrees Fahrenheit. In the region known as Laguna Larga, you will find the Doña Celia, Eréndira, and Los Tejamaniles water parks, which in addition to hot springs offer changing rooms, bathrooms, restaurants, sports fields, shops, playgrounds, and grills.

Centro Recreativo Tepetongo Waterpark

Five miles from the border between Michoacán and the State of Mexico, on the Atlacomulco-Maravatío road, a paved road turns off and continues 6 miles to the municipality of Contepec. Tepetongo water park features hot springs, some with water slides; nearby playgrounds; and an enormous orchard of regional fruit trees, including peach, pear, plum, and apple trees.

San José Purúa Waterpark

San José Purúa water park is in the Jungapeo municipality. A paved road runs the 4.5 miles to the park off federal road 15, the Mexico CityMorelia road, with the turn located 11 miles from Zitácuaro. Its alkaline water rich in carbon dioxide produces calming effects, similar to those of some famous European baths. It is recommended for nervous conditions, especially depression, as well as producing beneficial effects on asthma and respiratory allergies. On the same road that leads to San José Purúa, just before Jungapeo, sits Agua Blanca. The spring filling these pools offers the same healing qualities, plus beautiful natural surroundings. The hotel is decent.

Reino de Atzimba Waterpark

Located in Zinapécuaro, Reino de Atzimba is a water park with two private pools and three large pools. One is a wave pool, and the other has slowly flowing water and water slides.

Cointzio Springs

Set 5 miles southeast of Morelia on the road to Pátzcuaro, Cointzio features a restaurant and private baths with its hot springs.

El Ejido and El Edén Springs

Located in Tenencia de Morelos, these facilities are reached by the same road as the previous hot springs (Cointzio). The town’s springs that supply these baths produce mesothermal water whose chemical properties make it suitable for treating gastritis, enteritis, colitis, and skin conditions. As it is close to Morelia, it is easy to find lodgings for every taste and budget.

Ixtlán de los Hervores Geyser

From Morelia, take road number 15 running to Ocotlán to the municipality of Ixtlán. Here, there are several undeveloped hot springs. An additional and very popular attraction is the geyser that shoots water high into the air, called Ixtlán de los Hervores, making an impressive sight. The hot springs’ water is high in calcium bicarbonate and magnesium, as well as sodium chloride and potassium. The spot has changing rooms, bathrooms, and playgrounds, and it will soon offer cabins and campgrounds.