San Quintín

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the city of San Quintín basks in a refreshing sea breeze. A range of extinct volcanoes acts as the crown upon the head of this landscape. The sea and the land are both bountiful, which is reflected in the cuisine. The bay is always bustling, if not with fishermen reeling in their nets, then with majestic whales…

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Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the City of San Quintín is constantly kissed by a gentle sea breeze. A chain of extinct volcanoes crowns the landscape. Locals cultivate everything from mollusks in the sea to vegetables in the earth. The bay is never empty, with fishing boats moving in its waters, as well as grey whales and geese fleeing bitter winters elsewhere in the world. The coast, studded with recesses and coves, has seen increasing numbers of surfers seeking waves to ride.  

From the Transpeninsular Highway, visitors will marvel at farmland growing pumpkin, onion, tomato, cucumber, chilies, and all kinds of berries: strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. Together with the fertile earth, the bountiful waters ensure an incredible range of fish.  

Whoever visits this part of Baja California will find a bay almost too beautiful to believe. Here there are extinct volcanoes, a valley filled with tall cirios, forests perfect to stargaze from and waves ideal for surfing. The local produce, fish and seafood have inspired chefs to put San Quintín on the gastronomic map of Baja California, accompanied of course by a refreshing glass of beer or wine.