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Casas Grandes

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains sits this Magical Town. Discover its pine forests and vast grasslands, and don’t miss your chance to visit the Paquimé archeological site.

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What Makes It Magical 

Casas Grandes will captivate you with its charms—it is a town tucked into the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range, wrapped in pine forests with wide-open stretches of native grasslands spreading through neighboring valleys. Revel in the majestic open spaces here. This small town was founded in 1661, when the Franciscan Mission of San Antonio de Padua was built

Why You Should Go 

Paquimé Archeological Zone 

  • Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • The architecture of its houses built of water and earth with wood-beamed ceilings and wood-formed walls were cutting-edge for their time. 
  • Its waterworks are remarkable: reservoirs, canals, irrigation canals, drains, and more run through the houses across walls and passageways. 
  • The Museo de las Culturas del Norte is located here. 

At the Very Least 

Check out Cueva de la Olla on a photographic safari. 

Don’t Miss 

  1. Visit the town of Mata Ortiz, famous for its Paquimé-style ceramics
  1. Chow down on burritos—the beans and cheese, colorado chili pepper, and pasado chili pepper are classics. 
  1. Discover Nuevo Casas Grandes, northwest Chihuahua’s business leader