Barezzito-Boca del Rio-Veracruz

Barezzito Veracruz

The city’s nightlife begins in Barezzito de Boca…

Barezzito-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-Musica
Barezzito-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-Festejos
Barezzito-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-ambiente
Barezzito-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-pintando la noche
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Barezzito-Boca del Rio-Veracruz

This bar and club is characterized by its live music and will help you connect your body to the rhythms of the 90s, from the new millennium to the present day. Its three-level concept of Sushi-Bar-Music creates a unique, sophisticated and delicious experience.




Barezzito Veracruz, Boulevard Adolfo Ruíz Cortines, Playa de Oro, Boca del Río, Ver., México

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