Agustín Lara Center for Culture and Arts

Casa de la Cultura y las Artes Agustín Lara

An iconic property in Tlacotalpan, it was inaugurated on the 17th March 1974, with the aim of rescuing, preserving and promoting the city’s art.

Agustin Lara-placa-Tlacotalpan-Ver
Casa de la Cultura y las Artes “Agustin Lara”-talleres musica
Casa de la Cultura y las Artes “Agustin Lara”-talleres son

Located in the heart of the city, this building houses a collection of recently digitalized photographs of the life of Agustín Lara, as well as an important collection of paintings by Alberto Fuster. In the hall named “Salón de los Rebeldes” you will find marvelous works such as “Virgilio Declamando”, (Virgil Reciting), “Prometeo Encadenado” (Chained Prometheus), “El Crucificado” (The Crucified One), “El Ángel Caído” (The Fallen Angel), “El Descendimiento” (The Descent), among others.

This emblematic building offers a wide range of workshops: Jarocha, classic, and contemporary dance, singing, painting, drawing, and traditional music, principally with Mexican guitar, harp, requinto, and tambourine, and it is open to the general public.




Casa de la Cultura Agustín Lara, Avenida Venustiano Carranza, Centro, Tlacotalpan, Ver., México

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