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Stroll through the town’s cobblestone streets. Taste rancho cheeses. Experience moments of adventure in a canyon.

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What Makes It Magical

The sun bathes the cobblestone streets in golden light and starts to light the alleyways, while reflecting off the white walls all over town. That’s how the day beings in historic Aculco, where you can not only admire the architecture, but also go on an adventure at its natural attractions.

Why You Should Go

Aculco Canyon

  • This site is essential for both beginner and expert climbers
  • It’s been the site of major international competitions.
  • The colors of its prisms contrast with the water of cascade, creating different hues according to the time of year.

At the Very Least

Watch the waterfall descend over the canyon prisms.

Don’t Miss

  1. Purchasing cheese from the ranches.
  2. Checking out the porticos of the main square.
  3. Rock climbing in the canyons and ravines