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To really see this town you’ve got to go to its parks, walk along the ancient aqueduct, and uncover age-old stories.

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What Makes It Magical

De La Cruz Square and the garden outside Hostería del Convento set the frame of reference for seeing the town. The hubbub of the weekend outdoor markets, dancing to the tune of son music outside the handicrafts market, the chiming bells of Templo de San Pedro at sunrise—that’s the stuff of this town of neat streets bounded by the National Viceroyalty Museum. Really getting to know it means strolling through its parks and along the ancient aqueduct to uncover its time-tested stories.

Why You Should Go

Ex Colegio de San Francisco Javier

  • Home of the Museo Nacional del Virreinato (National Viceroyalty Museum) with a collection of 34,000 artifacts from the 16th through 19th centuries.
  • The library features a collection of over 4,000 historic and early print books.
  • It’s one of 60 monuments found along the Royal Road of the Heartland.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At the Very Least

Check out the altarpieces at San Francisco Javier, El Camarín de la Virgen de Loreto, and El Relicario de San José.

Don’t Miss

  1. Going for a bike ride at Centro Ecoturístico Arcos del Sitio.
  2. Savoring colonial dishes at the monastery’s inn.
  3. A hot air balloon ride over the town of Tepotzotlán.