National Copper Fair

Feria Nacional del Cobre

The National Copper Fair kicks off on August 2, when metalsmiths and other townspeople carry out a pilgrimage to the church in honor of their patron saint, Saint Clare of Assisi, from Italy. She is worshiped on the 11th and 12th. In addition, there are fairs, traditional dances, parades, and fireworks. On August 15th, it is Nuestra Señora del Sagrario’s turn, together with the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The National Contest of Hammered Copper (Concurso Nacional de Cobre Martillado) also takes place during these weeks, celebrating all things hammered copper. Artisans exhibit their work and are awarded for their talent.

The fair pays tribute to the exquisite work of the craftspeople who have won worldwide recognition for the Magical Town. Events include the Concurso Nacional de Cobre Martillado competition, hammering demonstrations, exhibits, and the sale of copper handicrafts.

When: August 2 to 17






Santa Clara del Cobre, Mich., México

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