Festival de la veda-Sisal-Yucatan-artesanías

Offseason Festival

Bike tours, horseback rides, water activities, and open sea swimming competitions are a few of the experiences you can find during this festival.

Festival de la veda-Sisal-Yucatan-artesanías
Festival de la veda-Sisal-Yucatan-playa

When fishing season ends, the community organizes to offer tourism services and products to shore up the economy. For two months, from February to March, fishermen leave their nets and rods and throw themselves into tourism work.

During this time, sports, cultural, and social events are held, in addition to the ecotourism activities that are found in all fishing villages, such as visits to cenote pools and mangrove forests, outings to bird-watch and spot flamingos, camping on the beach, and more.

Area artisans set up to display and sell their work, offering lamps, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and clothing made with seeds, dried gourds, fibers, and above all, materials from the ocean, like shells. Traditional cooks and restaurateurs offer up their specialties: ceviche, shrimp turnovers, fish tacos, kibis (a Lebanese version of meatballs) and panuchos (tortillas filled with beans and piled with toppings).


Sisal, Yuc., México

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