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Fall for its colonial treasures and its picturesque landscapes; contemplate the way indigenous and colonial elements are embodied by their religious celebrations and gastronomical legacy.

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What Makes It Magical

Its civil architecture and scenic landscapes will seduce you. The atmosphere is a real melting pot of indigenous and colonial elements, which is embodied by its religious celebrations and its gastronomic legacy.

Why You Should Go

Baroque Altarpieces in the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Church

  • They are carved in wood and covered in gold leaf, displaying biblical passages, principally from the New Testament, as well as various polychromatic sculptures, and best of all are the winged angels with their plump, childish faces.

Don’t Miss

  1. Try the ceremonial tortillas
  2. Visit a workshop where they make molcajetes.
  3. Walk through the textile town of Soria.