Hidden Spots to Discover in Nuevo León

Come to Nuevo León and discover some of the fun, thrilling activities that you can do around the state.

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Nuevo León is a state that has it all. When it comes to tourism, let’s just say it has impressive natural wonders and magical places that give a glimpse into what Mexico is all about. This is what Nuevo León has in store for us.


Ciénega de González is a town located in the municipality of Santiago. It’s home to a wide variety of rich plant and animal life that make it a peculiar place with an extraordinary landscape.

During vacation time you can rent cabins that look very similar to the houses in which the locals live. Additionally, they sell all kinds of food made from regional fruit: empanadas, apple jams, peaches, quince liqueur, rompope (a rum-based egg drink), and the famous corn bread.

Ciénega de González is a place for enjoying a quiet spell. You can also go hiking and mountain climbing. It’s a stone’s throw away from the San Isidro Canyon, Laguna de Sánchez, and Puerto Gringo.


Ciénega de González is home to a waterfall known as El Salto. The falls are intermittent, meaning they don’t always have water. It’s about a half-hour hike to reach the falls, which is highly recommended for the views alone. You can also take special pick-up trucks. Here, you can swim and sunbathe, which is perfect to escape the heat. Nearby, there are two highly important rock-climbing zones: the Tecolote Cave and a rock wall known as Las Ánimas, a paradise for climbers and nature lovers.


If you’re into extreme sports, Hidrofobia may be one of the best encounters with nature you’ll ever have. In this experience, you make your way through the canyons of the Sierra Madre Oriental. It consists of free jumps into the water, natural slides, river swimming, and plenty of climbing.

The route is only operated during spring and summer. Only do it with a certified guide. The route starts at the Chipitín Falls in Potrero Redondo and ends at Las Adjuntas River.


In addition to must-see spots in the Magical Town of Santiago (such as the Cola de Caballo Falls and Plaza Ocampo [the town square], with its winning formula for typical Mexican towns—a main church, the town hall, and the main square), a trip to the popular Sunday market is also highly recommended. Located on Abasolo Street next door to the town church, at the Sunday market, local and regional artisans sell their products. These range from toys, dinnerware, ceramics, glass objects, bags, and even food and drink.

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