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San Sebastián del Oeste

See the grandeur of its churches, haciendas, and the mines that were at their peak during the colonial period.

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What Makes it Magical

It was originally a mining town that had its boom during Spanish colonial rule. Being here is like going back in time. The churches, haciendas, and old mines remain as witnesses of the passage of time, telling us their stories of grandeur. While most residents migrated when the mines were closed, those who stayed zealously care for the richness that surrounds them and work to keep that history alive.

Why You Should Go

Hacienda Jalisco

  • It was built 200 years ago in order to store the valuable ores extracted from the surrounding mines, before shipping them to Spain.
  • Lamps and candles generally account for the lighting, which maintains the rural ambiance you feel from the start.
  • There are two large rooms for displaying documents, letters, and objects related to the region’s history.

At the Very Least

Spend a night at Hacienda Jalisco and feel like in you’re in the wild west.

Don’t Miss

  1. Climbing Cerro de la Bufa and watching the landscape from high above.
  2. Walking through the hand-rolled cigar factory.
  3. Checking out Quinta Mary, where they produce a fine, 100% organic coffee.