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Marvel at its stately convent compound, learn about its pre-Hispanic past, and experience the intensity of Day of the Dead.

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What Makes It Magical

On the shores of the lovely Lago de Pátzcuaro, the former capital of the Purépecha empire retains its rich historical heritage and extraordinary traditions, especially its customary night of the dead. In times past and present, this tradition has filled the hearts of Michoacán’s people with faith and captivated those who see it.

Why You Should Go

Celebrating the Dead

  • This is an age-old religious celebration that retains pre-Hispanic funerary rituals blended with Spanish religious practices.
  • The UNESCO has declared it Intangible World Cultural Heritage.
  • The towns along the shores of the Lago de Pátzcuaro, each have their own way of remembering the dead: with offerings, traditional dishes, prayers, and nighttime vigils.
  • The celebrations of All Saints’ Day are based onthe belief in the continuity of life after death.
  • Just as in the times of the ancient Purépechans, they play a ball game with a flaming ball.

At the Very Least

The altars and vigils take place both out on the lake and in the cemetery, a few steps south of the Convento de Santa Ana entrance.

Don’t Miss

  1. Admire the historic Santa Ana convent compound.
  2. Visit Las Yácatas archeological site.
  3. Shop for Michoacán’s typical handicrafts in the open-air market.