Tequesquitengo is a small, quaint town that draws water sports aficionados to its lake, known as one of the best water skiing spots in Mexico.

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Better known as “Teques,” Tequesquitengo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morelos and the perfect getaway for those living in Mexico City and neighboring states.

Teques is like an oasis amidst an arid landscape. It’s surrounded by lush vegetation, boasts an unbeatable climate, and dozens of houses and beach clubs offering all kinds of services. There’s a church underwater and a wide array of things to do, from extreme sports and learning to water ski, to relaxing and soaking up the sun and enjoying a delicious cecina (jerked beef) with soup and beans.

While the artificial lake is the main attraction, Teques is also a great departure point for exploring nearby tourist routes like the Water Park or Monastery and Hacienda routes. In fact, Hacienda Vista Hermosa is found here. Now restored as a hotel, the property proudly preserves elements of its past as a sugar plantation with the gorgeous 16th-century building. Another option is to bike the trails and routes laid out for mountain bike enthusiasts—be sure to bring your bike!