Resorts and Springs in Colima

There are several resorts and springs in the state of Colima that offer the chance to get away and have fun. Here, we share our short list with you.

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On the western edge of the Transvolcanic Axis lies the state of Colima. Its capital (the city of Colima), is about 21 miles from the foothills of Volcán de Fuego, the brother of Nevado de Colima peak, which is actually not in Colima at all, but in the neighboring state of Jalisco. Occasionally spitting out gases or stretching its enormous mass, both dormant and simmering, the Volcán de Fuego volcano provides clear evidence of the region’s underground activity. With the presence of highlands to the north and east, it creates the conditions for cold water springs and some very interesting geographic features.


Located in the town of Los Ortices, Tampumachay waterpark is 11 miles from Colima on road 110. In addition to its two pools, a wading pool, and green spaces with palm and mango trees, its main draw is a hanging bridge that crosses a small ravine. The resort offers a hotel, restaurant and bar. Just over a mile away by footpath, are some caves that are well-known regionally.

Agua Fría

Only 11 miles from Colima on the road to Minatitlán, sits Agua Fría resort. It is a rustic resort featuring a crystal-clear spring at ambient temperature which forms a small pool tucked into exuberant vegetation. It is just right for going for a picnic.

Los Amiales

11 miles south of Coquimatlán, is Los Amiales. It is a small, transparent, cold spring that arises on the slopes of a massive hill and runs into a small, shallow pool. From here, it spills into a stream that runs through the lush vegetation. Beside the pool is a rocky clearing sheltered by leafy trees.

El Salto

Peña Colorada Mine in located in Minatitlán. Just two thirds of a mile away, runs the Marabasco river, which cascades over a waterfall. During dry season, when the river is much lower, people come here to swim in the pools formed under the falls.

Other Resorts and Springs

Agua Dulce is a natural pool ringed by willows and fig trees. Find it at km 18 on the Villa de Alvarez-Minatitlán road, taking the turn to the left and then going 273 yards further. Carrizalillo II, north of Colima and 9 miles from the county seat of Cuauhtémoc, is home to a lake. Nearby are campgrounds. La Presa, less than a mile from Ixtlahuacán, is a pool in the midst of dense vegetation.

Meanwhile, La Guaracha is in Tecomán. It is a pool formed by natural springs in the midst of the countryside. El Puertecito is a series of natural pools some 10 miles from Armería. The spot offers basic picnic areas and a parking lot. Another spring a little over 3 miles from the same town is Charco Verde, which also has simple picnic spots and parking. On weekends you will find snacks and soft drinks for sale.

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