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Magdalena de Kino

Discover this Magical Town that began life in 1687 as a mission. Relax in its main square to watch twilight fall, and taste the original chimichangas.

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What Makes It Magical

An air of mysticism still surrounds this town that was founded by Father Kino in 1687. Its streets, gardens, and plazas bear witness to its history. It is not just a stopover on the way to the neighboring country, it is one of the most visited sites for the faithful who come from across borders—and it also draws people from the Yaqui, Mayo, and Tohono O’dham indigenous peoples.

Why You Should Go

San Francisco Javier Chapel

  • This chapel houses the reclining statue of Saint Francis Xavier, who receives thousands of visitors and pilgrims.
  • This is the resting place of missionary and founder Eusebio Francisco Kino.
  • Father Kino started his Catholic and agricultural teaching here.

At the Very Least

Peek through the windows in the mausoleum dedicated to Father Kino, to glimpse his mortal remains..

Don’t Miss

  1. Try the original chimichangas.
  2. Get a closer look at the history of the evangelization of the Pima people.
  3. Marvel at the saguaro cacti in Sásabe.