Parque Miguel Hidalgo
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Walk through plant nurseries filled with orchids, visit coffee plantations and learn about the process of coffee production, and savor a pastry from El Resobado bakery.

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What Makes It Magical

Coatepec, in the center of the state, is surrounded by mesophilic forest and large coffee plantations. The colors of its common orchids in houses, parks and plazas will enchant you. Here you will see elegant houses with their ironwork balconies and historically valuable properties. Walking through the town, your senses will be overwhelmed by the permanent smell of roasted coffee. Who would have guessed that the coffee bean would arrive from Cuba across the sea, and change the destiny of this town, nestled in the mountains? As the Capital of Coffee and Orchids, this Magical Town is one of the destinations you will always want to come back to.

Why You Should Go

Coffee Plantations

  • Learn about coffee cultivation and its artisanal process.
  • Walk along themed paths as a guide tells you about the history and culture of coffee.
  • Recognize the plant and animal life that live side by side with this plant.
  • Experience a sensorial tasting with pairings on the Finca Don Silvano.

At the Very Least

Learn about the different ways you can serve coffee.

Don’t Miss

  1. Learn to recognize different types of orchids that carpet the town.
  2. Visit El Resobado, a more than hundred-year-old bakery that uses a wood-fired oven.
  3. Sleep on a coffee plantation.

Parque Miguel Hidalgo