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Explore the World of Totonaca Handicrafts

Takilhsukut Theme Park, home to the Centro de las Artes Indígenas, was created with the aim of preserving Totonaca culture.

Over the course of the year there are 16 courses offered at this art center, administrated by the wise people and Totonaca elders who coordinate traditional teaching methods and the ancestral ways of transmitting knowledge.

Here, students can learn about different topics, such as traditional medicine, ancestral dances, the voladores ritual, sculptural ceramics, music, textile production, theatre, and traditional cooking, among other subjects.

Thanks to its work conserving Totonaca culture, the center was recognized in 2012 by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.





Parque Temático Takilhsukut, Tajin, Papantla, Ver., México

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