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Explore El Tajín, the ancient capital of the Totonaco world; savor a beso papanteco (a Papantla Kiss, a typical drink); enjoy the landscapes of the Esmeralda Coast, and live the traditions of the Cumbre Tajín festival.

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What Makes It Magical

In the north of the state, in the middle of the subtropical forest, is Papantla, “the city that perfumes the world” with its large vanilla fields. Every morning begins clean and beautiful; its narrow, cobbled streets are filled with people who are proud of their roots. Everything in this place is linked to birds, wind, and taking flight. This is the birthplace of the famous voladores, Papantla is steeped in tradition and zealously protects its Totonaca origins.

Why You Should Go

El Tajín Archeological Site

  • This is one of Mesoamerica’s most important religious centers.
  • The Pyramid of the Niches stands out.
  • This is the seat of the Cumbre Tajín.
  • It has UNESCO World Heritage status.

At the Very Least

Watch the voladores” or flying men ritual, surrounded by the El Tajín pyramids.

Don’t Miss

  1. Enjoy a few besos papantecos in the Nakú restaurant.
  2. Take a ceramics class in the Centro de las Artes Indígenas.
  3. Relax on one of the beaches on the Esmeralda Coast.