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Purchase Handicrafts in Casa Rafaela Murillo


This is one of the largest handicraft houses in the city; you can find all kinds of accessories made with fine lace, which are very famous from this place: blouses, handkerchiefs, underwear, towels, napkins, tablecloths, bed coverings, baby clothing, nightgowns, and other items made using rejillado (cutwork), embroidery, and knitting.

The bird’s eye weave chairs from Tlacotalpan are famous. Mexican guitars, jaranas, as well as standard guitars, and cedar or mahogany rocking chairs with the cowhide seats and backs are some of the products made in workshops within people’s homes. They also make wooden sculptures, ceramics, hand-made wickerwork, Jarocha outfits, embroidered dresses and crochet items.




Parque Zaragoza Plaza Tlacotalpan, Avenida Miguel Z. Cházaro, Centro, Tlacotalpan, Ver., México

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