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Become a Mermaid with Tulum Mermaid

Fearlessly swim like a mermaid in Tulum! A magical experience exploring the waters of the Mexican Caribbean with certified instructors.

tulum mermaid
tulum mermaid

Are you up for swimming like a mermaid in the Caribbean? Dive into the magical experience with Tulum Mermaid. Explore the crystal-clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean or venture into the stunning cenotes. This mermaid experience certified by PADI focuses on teaching those intrigued by the world of mermaid diving. Boldly become a mermaid!

tulum mermaid
Photo: Tulum Mermaid

Have a Magical Experience with Tulum Mermaid 

Have you ever dreamt of being a mermaid and exploring the depths of the sea? In Tulum, this dream can come true, thanks to Tulum Mermaid. It is a completely safe activity for those six and older. Certified instructors will guide you through basic to advanced techniques, transforming you into a mermaid ready to dive. 

Tulum Mermaid has partnered with Manglex Eco Hotel to offer this magical experience in a cenote. Moreover, this was the first PADI Mermaid center in Mexico.

Photo: Tulum Mermaid

PADI Mermaid 

PADI (Professional Association of Diving) is an internationally recognized diver training organization. They offer the PADI Mermaid certification, focusing on diving practices and mermaid movements. Courses are performance-based, catering to individual needs. 

In Mexico, there are two PADI Mermaid centers, one at Manglex Eco Hotel in Tulum and the other at Freedive Mermaid Cozumel.

Information on Tulum Mermaid Experiences 

Tulum Mermaid offers various experiences tailored to individual needs.

  • PADI Basic Mermaid, for beginners, starting as young as 6 years old, lasts 3 hours. Learn the basics of being a mermaid, including breathing, tail swimming, and swimming tips. Cost: $175 USD.
  • PADI Mermaid, for those 10 years old and older, can be done in one full day or two half days. Learn more advanced techniques. Cost: $299 USD.
  • PADI Advanced Mermaid. This course lasts 2 to 3 days, and the minimum age for participants is 12. This is the perfect option for those who want to turn being a mermaid into their new hobby. Learn everything you need to know to swim like a mermaid. Cost: $499 USD.
  • Experience at Manglex. An incredible option letting you explore the depths of this magical cenote. The experience lasts two hours, and you’ll learn the basics of swimming like a mermaid. Cost: $125 USD. 

Check the requirements for each experience on their website.

Important Details

  • The experience typically takes place at Manglex Eco Hotel but may change locations depending on the group and needs. For example, sessions may be held in private pools.
  • They can accommodate individuals with special needs.
  • They provide everything you need to feel like a mermaid but encourage you to bring any accessories you want to add to your mermaid costume. 

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