canals of sian ka'an
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Explore the Canals of Sian Ka’an by Boat

Sian Ka’an boasts an intricate system of subterranean freshwater rivers weaving together cenote pools and peten islets, making it a one-of-a-kind site on the Yucatán Peninsula and around the world.

canals of sian ka'an
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canals of sian ka'an

On your next visit to the magical town of Tulum, don’t miss your chance to boat through the canals of Sian Ka’an. Take a journey through the mangroves, discovering submerged Mayan ruins, swamps, and coastal lagoons. Observe the hundreds of birds, reptiles, and mammals inhabiting these untamed lands.

To begin your adventure, head to Chunyaxché canal—a way into the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve by water—or Kaapechen lagoon. You set off, losing yourself in stunningly beautiful natural surroundings.

canals of sian ka'an

Navigate the Canals of Sian Ka’an

In Sian Ka’an, cayos are channels that connect lagoons. The Mayans built them, linking their inland centers to the coast. The nature reserve, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, is a paradise on Earth that you can visit and even explore by boat. 

They called this place that seamlessly blends the turquoise blue of the ocean with the intense green of the rainforest, Sian Ka’an, meaning “the birthplace of the sky”. It is a hidden gem you shouldn’t miss when visiting the Riviera Maya.

canals of sian ka'an

Sian Ka’an holds nine ecosystems, three aquatic habitats, and 74.5 miles of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, spanning four countries: Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. It is home to numerous resident and migratory bird species, including the rare jabiru, the largest stork in the Americas to nest on land. Four endangered species—jaguars, tapirs, manatees, and peccaries—find refuge here.

Seize your chance and head to Tulum to navigate the canals of Sian Ka’an by boat!

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