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Go Diving and Fishing in the Waters of the Sea of Cortez

South of San Felipe, along the road between Puertecitos and San Luis Gonzaga, are the Islas Encantadas. You will see them stand out from the waves of the Sea of Cortez. Further down are the Bahía de San Luis Gonzaga and the Bahía de los Ángeles. For diving fanatics, an incredible world hidden below the surface awaits: gorgonians and nudibranchs; vibrantly colored mollusks without a shell, seahorses, lobsters, branch fish, snails, oysters, clams, and starfish who call these waters home.  

San Felipe is also a prized fishing location, whether intended for a few hours’ relaxation, or intense sporting dedication. The rewards awaiting include comber, queen triggerfish, grouper, white bass and more. 

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San Felípe, B.C., México

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