San Felipe

South of the city of Mexicali lies the Bahía de San Felipe, a bay where the small fishing town by the same name is found. Here the gentle, almost silent sea laps gently at the shore. And this is the same gentle rhythm with which life passes by in San Felipe.

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South of the city of Mexicali, in the Bahía de San Felipe, rests a little fishing town. The calm, gentle sea is much like the town its tiny waves lap at: quiet and tranquil. This is a wonderful destination for those who want to get away from it all, enjoying warm days, serene azure-blue waters, and beaches of silky sand.  

Being surrounded by desert on one side and blue seas on the other gives San Felipe a unique charm. Visitors can walk along the dunes, marvel at the cardon cacti, search for cave paintings and marvel at the beauty of the nature reserve. Or how about a boat trip, fishing from the deck, or submerging yourself under the waves to see the treasures below the surface? Gaze at San Felipe from above, stroll along the waterfront promenade and take a seat in a restaurant to try the catch of the day and other culinary delights.  

The town’s festivals honor the sea’s produce, as well as arts and music. Without so much as mentioning the cool glasses of locally-made artisanal beer.