Things to do

Wander Through Downtown

This Magical Town is set more than a mile above sea level, surrounded by mountains and forests, and wrapped in white clouds. You will immediately feel like you have stepped into an Alpine village decked out in indigenous color. In the mornings before sunrise, we recommend going to Mirador de la Cruz lookout point to drink in the gorgeous views.

In the afternoons, fog settles over the town’s square, and the walls of the church seem straight out of a medieval story. From its broad atrium carpeted in the grass, you can enjoy an enviable view of the mountainous terrain and the colorful streets of Capulálpam whose red tile roofs climb the slopes of the mountain. Close by is the Museo Comunitario, a museum whose mural tells the history of this Magical Town and hosts temporary exhibitions.







Capulálpam de Méndez, Oaxaca, México

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