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Buy Leather Goods

León is the world capital of leather. Here you can buy a great variety of jackets, shoes, bags, boots and more, in the markets in the center or in the city’s various malls. No matter where you go, the prices are accessible, but if variety is what you are looking for, we recommend you go to Plaza del Zapato (Shoe Plaza), Plaza Piel (Leather Plaza), and Galería del Zapato (Shoe Gallery). 

Useful Information

Keep the following in mind when making purchases: touch the item with your hands, if it feels smooth, soft and flexible then it’s good quality, if you scratch the object with your nail then small grains of leather called “la flor de la piel” should come away. With these two steps, you should be able to tell if a product is good or not. 



León, Gto., México

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