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Learn about the Stories of the Old Uxmal

Come admire the geometric art of the Xiues, a tribe from the Mayan Puuc region. The Palacio del Gobernador is one of the most beautiful buildings from the Pre-Columbian era.

 “Built three times” is the meaning of Uxmal, this place’s name. Come learn about its history and the legends about its construction; discover the magic of this archeological site only 49 miles from Mérida.

Fifteen groups of buildings make up the city, laid out from north to south over approximately one mile. Key buildings include: Pirámide del Adivino, with its Plaza de los Pájaros; Cuadrángulo de las Monjas, a ball court, Palacio del Gobernador, Gran Pirámide, and El Palomar. In the northern group of buildings, Casa de la Vieja, El Cementerio, and Templo de los Falos are noteworthy. The large number and variety of buildings reflect the social complexity of this former hub of political, economic, and religious activities.

The walls of its buildings feature mascarons, latticework, fretwork, two-headed serpents, jaguars, and owls. Its inhabitants worshipped Chaac, the god of rain, because they associated water with the universe’s constant movement.

Let yourself be transfixed by this amazing place, a World Heritage site.





Uxmal, Yuc., México

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