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Check Out the Guachimontones Ruins

With their history, peculiar architecture, and location on the skirts of the Tequila Volcano facing the Vega dam, Guachimontones is one of the most stunning archeological sites in western Mexico. Its name refers to its large conical structures. As a city and ceremonial center, it was the largest of the Teuchitlán people. It is famous for the tumbas de tiro (shaft tombs), el palo del volador (a flying pole with a single sacred dancer that imitates the flight of the soaring bird), intense obsidian exploitation, anthropomorphic figurines, and circular-structure architecture. Recent investigations have revealed that this culture developed between the year 350 B.C. and 350 A.D.






Guachimontones, Guachicmonton, Jal., México

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