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Enjoy Family Time in the City Zoo and the Campo Mosqueada

For over 50 years, local families have flocked to the city’s Bosque y Zoológico de la Ciudad; a fantastic place to converge, where nature, culture and recreational activities are all on offer, all on the banks of a beautiful body of water speckled with rowing boats. The Museo de Historia Natural (Natural History Museum) inside the complex offers a chance to learn more about the region’s pre-Hispanic cultures, see the local fauna in the Botanical Garden, enjoy the 25 animal species who reside in the zoo, many birds in the aviary and the snakes and crocodiles living in their designated area.

With the new hygiene measures, this space has come to be the state’s first safari. Now whoever wants to discover the park can do so from the comfort of their car.  

On the way to San Felipe, you will find Campo Mosqueada, another perfect spot for families to enjoy nature on the banks of the Hardy river. There are cabins and RVs, a children’s play area, and the most daring can enjoy quad bikes and motorbikes. There are also rowing boats, kayaks or banana boats. How about fishing or listening to the relaxing birdsong as they flutter between the area’s exuberant plants.

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Bosque y Zoológico de la Ciudad, Calle Alvarado, Nueva Esperanza, Mexicali, B.C., México

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