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Explore the Volcán de Fuego

This is one of Colima’s most iconic sights, with a height of 12,500 feet above sea level. Studies estimate that it formed during the late Pleistocene period, around the same time as the emergence of Homo Sapiens.

To climb this behemoth, you must make your way to La Yerbabuena, a community that forms part of the Nevado de Colima National Park. This is where your experience begins, as well as the test of your fitness level. If you come in a car, you will have to leave it in Los Aguacates and continue on foot to the community of Mezcal Blanco, which is around 4 miles from the Volcán de Fuego. From here you can see the volcano in all its glory.  

Volcán de Fuego is around 6 miles from the Nevado de Colima. To visit both, you should arrive first at the latter, from Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco. 

We recommend you climb to the top before midday, following the signposted route, and that you stop at the volcano observatory to marvel at the crater of the Volcán de Fuego. If you follow the trail that leads to the foothills of the Nevado, you will see deep ravines surrounded by pine, oak and oyamel forests. 

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Volcán de Colima, Jalisco, México

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