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Explore the Texolo and La Monja Waterfalls

The Texolo waterfall is a wetland surrounded by mountainous cloud forests; it is formed by the Río Matlacobatl and Río Texolo. The first is the origin of the La Monja and Texolo waterfalls, which are 26 and 66 feet high respectively. The small valleys these waterfalls run through are areas of refuge for many different bird species. Around the La Monja waterfall, you can walk along trails that cross through coffee plantations; you can also swim in the natural pool formed by the waterfall. The Texolo waterfall is perfect for those who love rappelling, since its walls are more than 262 feet high. For those who wish to admire the surrounding plant life, there are three ideal viewpoints. Make sure to look carefully at the bridge, which has been bent out of shape since 1920, after an earthquake.

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Cascada de Texolo, A Texolo, Xico, Veracruz, México

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