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A colossal head, the only one in existence with its eyes closed.

On the flatlands of Río San Juan, dominated by the imposing sight of the San Martín Volcano, you will find this beautiful town with great stories to tell. One of them is in Parque Juárez inside the Museo Tuxteco and its colossal head (originating from Tres Zapotes archeological site), which is the largest in the country, and is a reminder of the legacy of the Olmec cradle of civilization. In this museum you can also observe statues, clothing, musical instruments, smiling figures, and pre-Hispanic ornaments in general.

In the plaza, you will see the parish church, which stands out because of its tower and the church clock; as well as the striking kiosk in the center of the esplanade.




Santiago Tuxtla, Ver., México

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