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Try the Flavors of Candela

From dulce de leche to grilled meat, you can eat well in Candela.

Candela’s candies, made with goat’s milk from Valladares, have become popular. Make sure to try the nogadas, candies made with walnuts mixed with dark brown sugar or burned milk fudge. Cabrito (goat), cortadillo (beef marinated in vinegar with garlic and cumin), and cheese with beef and grilled pork are some of the town’s typical dishes. In their artisanal bakeries, you will find molletes (toasted bread with beans and cheese), cemitas (bread rolls with sesame seeds), walnut and sweet potato turnovers, hojarascas (crispy sweet biscuits) and dulce de leche quemada (“burned” dulce de leche), all made in a wood-fired oven.  




Candela, Coah., México

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